Video Gait & Running Analysis

Our physical therapists will work with you one-on-one to examine your running mechanics and provide you with a detailed biomechanical analysis to boost your speed, power, energy, and make you less vulnerable to injuries.

Your gait pattern is recorded from several angles, with varying speeds and variations in footwear. We will analyze and uncover the most subtle intricacies of your gait, frame by frame.

With this data, we build a comprehensive plan to help you accomplish your goals. Our recommendations may include adjustments in your running technique, stretching and strengthening exercises, drills, activity modification, and appropriate footwear.

Session I (60min): Musculoskeletal exam and gait & running recording

Session II (60min): Gait and running analysis with video review. Also receive specialized instruction and education on running mechanics with a customized exercise program to help you achieve specific goals. $249