G2 Athletic Performance Center

Using the FMS (Functional Movement Systems), running analysis, and the latest research in sports medicine, G2 Sports & Physical Therapy will advance your athletic skills. Our physical therapists have experience working with athletes from the NBA, MLB, NHL, Division 1 colleges and universities, and National Dance Champions.

How do we do it?

Our physical therapists will perform a thorough screening of your movement patterns and identify weak points, imbalances, and asymmetries. They will review your screening using video analysis and customize a plan to eliminate weaknesses and inefficient movements.   This will make you a faster, stronger, and better athlete.

What to expect from the Performance Evaluation

Session I – The Functional Movement Systems (FMS) testing and video analysis uncovers your weak points and inefficient movement patterns. After the testing, your physical therapist will review their findings via video analysis.

Session II – The physical therapist will review your customized exercise plan, which is focused on eliminating weaknesses, restoring mobility, stability, strength, and maximizing your athletic performance. $249

What is FMS?
The FMS (Functional Movement Systems) is a grading system to evaluate the quality of movement. It is used to determine areas of weakness, compromised stability and/or mobility, and asymmetries from one side to another. This system pinpoints where you are inefficient. Regardless of the sport, when movements are not efficient it drains your speed, power, durability, and creates pain, which significantly diminishes athletic performance.

Data from the FMS can help you perform optimally and reduce injuries. Many professional sports teams (NFL, NBA, NHL) and Division 1 college programs use the FMS in their pre-season training to help build better and more durable athletes.

The Seattle Seahawks began using the FMS in 2012 due to having one of the NFL’s highest number of injuries and games missed due to injury. They went from one of the league’s worst in injuries to second best in the NFL after using the FMS for one season! In addition, their defense was rated the fastest and best in the NFL.

Watch the Seattle Seahawks in training camp getting tested with the FMS!