Patient Reviews

G2 Sports & Physical Therapy Patient Testimonials

The excellence of our care speaks for itself
and through the great referrals we receive from our patients.

  1. “I rarely do recommendations but I have to make a BIG shout out to G2. They have been extremely accommodating to my schedule and they are very friendly. The Director Ed Koh not only has a Master’s degree but he is a true master of physical therapy. I have personally hobbled into this clinic with a severe case of plantar fasciitis. However, upon my first visit Ed had me walking out the door pain free and bare foot!!! And in a matter of 2 months I was able to complete my first successful half marathon. Happy healing!” -Steve M.
  1. “5 Stars!” –Mandy A.
  1. “I cannot say enough good things about G2 Sports and Physical Therapy.  I went there due to knee pain playing soccer about 1 year post ACL reconstruction.  The staff is all very knowledgeable and SO friendly.  I mostly worked with Laura.  She is so incredibly kind and fun to work with.  Most importantly though, I am back playing soccer with zero knee pain after about 3 months of therapy.  I have had several knee issues in the past and have seen many physical therapists; I know it is really hard to find a good one.   At G2 everyone is great!  I feel really lucky to have found them.” –Kristina D.
  1. “I went to G2 for my knee which I hurt during soccer. They got me back on the field so quickly at full strength without any pain. They also made me so much more aware of my body mechanics to prevent future injuries. I left with more strength and agility which really improved my soccer game! Thanks G2!” –Kate K.
  1. “I have had a problem with my knee for a long time and had been to many doctors and physical therapists over the years. They just told me my leg was weak. Ed at G2 figured out that I wasn’t a typical case and that there had to be a problem in my knee joint. He suspected a loose body or torn cartilage and said it would be best if I got x-rays and an MRI because a routine problem would not be limiting my walking to only 10 minutes for 10 years. Long story short, the MRI revealed loose bodies. I got surgery and my knee felt like a new knee. I could walk as long as I wanted to!!! Ed really listened to me and didn’t just tell me my leg was weak. Thanks Ed for changing my life! I walked all over Europe 2 weeks after surgery without any pain!” –Selma S.
  1. “I really was in a bad spot with my lower back. I thought I was still 20 yrs old and tried to move a couch on my own. Bad idea. I was stuck bent forward and tilted to the side. The pain was incredible. I went to urgent care and they gave me pain meds and suggested physical therapy. I went directly to G2 and Ed helped me straighten out my back and walk normally on the first visit.   It wasn’t just a great first impression, all the rest of my visits were great. He gave me a program to work on at home as well as some exercises to do in case the same thing happened again. I learned a lot about taking care of my back and no more unsafe couch lifts! Thanks Ed!” – Dan F.
  1. “Abby is great! I had a lot of neck & back pain and headaches after a car accident. Everything hurt. Besides being in a lot of pain, I was feeling pretty down. She was very reassuring and confident that I would recover. She was really compassionate and took a lot of time to explain things. She worked on all the areas that were bothering me. When I finished PT, I was able to resume all of my activities without any problems. A+!” Chelsea G.
  1. “I saw Harmony for my shoulder pain which was from a lot of tennis. I had seen another PT before Harmony and it just didn’t work. My shoulder really improved under Harmony’s care. She actually touched my shoulder and worked on it and I was playing tennis again in 3 weeks- until my elbow started hurting! She told me exactly what was happening-I was compensating at my elbow for my poor shoulder mechanics while playing tennis.   Harmony focused our sessions on both the shoulder and elbow and the pain disappeared! I have been playing pain free ever since! If something hurts, get yourself to G2 and see Harmony!” – Peter F.
  1. “I thought I would never be able to use my left arm or move my neck due to the pain before coming to G2 Sports and Physical Therapy. My Physical Therapist, Ed, was patient, knowledgeable and caring that in just 4 weeks I was able to move my entire body again. He taught me home exercises so I can improve my strength and mobility. This has been a truly rewarding experience and I cannot thank Ed enough.” – David B.
  1. “I came here after rotator cuff surgery and I couldn’t have been more pleased. All of the therapists were terrific! They really know their stuff and are so friendly. Believe it or not, they made physical therapy fun.” –Justin U.
  1. “I would not hesitate to recommend G2 Sports and Physical Therapy. My recommendation is based on the comprehensive physical evaluation, the convenient location, the skill and patience of the therapists, and responsive and friendly support staff.” – Chelsea Z.
  1. “G2 Sports & Physical Therapy is wonderful! I previously went to a different physical therapy clinic when I injured my back and didn’t receive the one-on-one treatment I needed. I noticed I wasn’t getting better even after a month of treatment (which I was often seen by different aides) so I decided to change the PT. After doing some research I found G2 Sports & Physical Therapy and I’m so glad that I decided to switch because Harmony is truly awesome! She’s kind, knowledgeable, and took the time to listen to what I needed to say and customized my treatment accordingly. For the first time in a long time, I’m pain free. All the staff is awesome and I can’t recommend them enough.” – Susan T.
  1. “They made me feel like an individual, never rushing the session and always listening to my feedback.” – Mason J.
  1. “I was referred to G2 Sports and Physical Therapy and saw Ed. He was kind, patient (listened to all my complaints about the pain and never cut me off once) and took his time evaluating me. He even called to follow-up on my progress, which my previous PT never has done. Ed knew how hectic my work schedule was so he created some exercises for me to do at home in short increments of time that would fit into my schedule but still effective enough that would improve my strength. The patient care that Ed demonstrated should be followed by all medical staff. I also found the entire staff very caring, knowledgeable, kind and informative. They all care about the patients and their well-being and health. I’m glad I was referred to this clinic.” – Simran R.
  1. “When I broke my ankle, Abby helped me back on my feet in no time. Her thoughtful care and sense of humor made my appointments something I looked forward to and she always cheered me up when my injury had me feeling blue. Her treatment on my ankle cut my recovery time in half and it feels great to walk normally!” – Gail M.
  1. “My daughter is a high school soccer player and she recently hurt her hamstring which prevented her from playing soccer with her team. We got lucky because we randomly found G2 Sports and Physical Therapy through Google. My daughter has been receiving proper treatment for the past 3 weeks. Ed is so patient and he’s great in providing motivation to my daughter (who has been depressed due to her injury). Ed has made a big different in my daughter’s life. Although I do not want my daughter to get injured again but if she does, we know who to visit.” –Kara G.
  1. “I’ve been suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis for a few years now so I immediately saw improvement in range of motion, developing core strength and maintaining flexibility through physical therapy. Harmony and the G2 Sports and Physical Therapy staff made each of my visits very easy and pleasant. Having gone through several surgeries, I’ve seen the immediate positive results of physical therapy and I highly recommend G2 Sports and Physical Therapy.” – Sam Z.
  1. “I owe Abby big time for my ability to wow my surgeon with my readiness for my first complete hip replacement. She and her staff are understanding, attentive, and caring individuals. I made a smart choice of driving a little more for the best care I received from G2 Sports and Physical Therapy.” -Lisa G.
  1. “I sprained my ankle from playing basketball with my friends then I tore two ligaments. I had to wear a cast for about a month after my surgery so my ankle became weak when I finally took the case off. Six weeks of physical therapy helped to strengthen my ankle and I am now back on the basketball court with my friends. Thank you, G2!” — Jay P.
  1. “I came to G2 Sports and Physical Therapy for a neck injury. Ed was my physical therapist. He was thorough and now I feel great with no pain. The staff was very friendly and the clinic is clean. Thank you.”- Claudia K.
  1. “Abby and her staff are very knowledgeable and skilled in their patient care. I have done rehabilitation with her after knee and shoulder surgery and was able to get back to playing volleyball ahead of schedule. Thanks to Abby and G2 Sports and Physical Therapy team, I am looking forward to my next tournament.” – Robert A.
  1. “I had a shoulder surgery and was trying to find an appointment at various physical therapy places in Issaquah/Sammamish. G2 Sports and Physical Therapy scheduled me the very next day compared to everyone else who had no openings for because they had limited staff. I was treated by Ed, who is extremely knowledgeable and very patient. He spent a good amount of time explaining what the cause of pain was, and how to he’d treat it, and he was very effective in helping me recover in a very short period of time. Will highly recommend this place to friends/family!” – Mark T.
  1. “Harmony treated my neck and back agony caused by endless hours on planes to Singapore, drives to clients out of state and long hours of looking at my computer screen. All of the customized exercises paired with great care, I can now travel without pain.” – Christian K.
  1. “I came to G2 Sports and Physical Therapy for my lower back pain. When I first walked into the clinic, I was impressed how big & clean the clinic was. I immediately was greeted by Miss Sandy with a big smile and she handled all of my paperwork and set me up for an evaluation in no time. After I was done with paperwork, I was escorted into the treatment to meet Mr. Ed, whom I ended up seeing to get my pain treated for the past 3 weeks. Mr. Ed is resourceful and he answered all of my questions very thoroughly. He used many different techniques of massage and exercise. I also received a home plan with many great tips. After only 8 visits, I am very pleased with what G2 Sports and Physical Therapy has done for me and I am ready to play basketball and work out again. Give G2 Sports and Physical Therapy a try, you will NEVER forget them!” -Jennifer F.
  1. “Long before I needed treatment, I heard about physical therapist Ed through my colleague, who could not say enough good things about the exercises Ed gave him for her back. My orthopedist sent me to physical therapy for a mystery pain in my knees, which Ed diagnosed right away and created a series of exercises that improved my mobility drastically. Part of his job was to fix what the previous PT couldn’t do figure out so he earned my trust when he knew exactly what was causing the pain. He is smart, always upbeat on the job and caring. The office is spacious and comfortable; his staff is professional and helpful. I would absolutely go to Ed again for physical therapy and will recommend him very highly to anyone I know.” – Marc M.
  1. “As a track and field athlete, my body/bones endure a lot of pounding. So when I strained my hamstring, it was important for me to work with a physical therapist who could help me get back on the track. Harmony thoroughly explained and demonstrated how muscles function. I am truly appreciative of the patience, care and quality service provided by G2 Sports & Physical Therapy.” – Andrew B.
  1. “I was impressed by Ed’s advanced degrees in Physical Therapy, and his individualized treatment plan for his patients. Besides being highly-skilled PT and knowing exactly what treatment would be best for me, Ed was friendly and considerate. I always looked forward to my sessions as though I were visiting a friend. I can recommend Ed and G2 Sports and Physical Therapy without hesitations.” – Jeff F.
  1. “Abby is the nicest physical therapist who has ever treated me. She was always prompt and has never failed to give me her undivided attention (instead of patient-hopping like most doctors do). G2 Sports and Physical Therapy has helped me tremendously, and I am forever indebted to Abby and her staff for their thoughtful care and dedication.” – Nicole D.