Patient Reviews

G2 Sports & Physical Therapy Patient Testimonials

The excellence of our care speaks for itself and through the great referrals we receive from our patients.

  1. “After having rotator cuff surgery I came to G2 Sports and Physical Therapy in Sammamish.  My doctor had put a protocol together and G2 was conveniently located so I decided to try them out.  From the very first moment they made me feel at home, valuable as a patient/client and treated me with the greatest of care.  Every single member of the team at G2 from the business owner on down was really great to work with.  They were always friendly and quick to help me with scheduling, insurance questions and just making me feel like I was important to them.  I looked forward to every visit.  I want to make special note of my therapist Zara.  She was outstanding.  She explained everything that was happening with my recovery in clear, easy to understand terms.  She helped me learn the exercises I needed to get better and she guided me through a recovery that met all my goals and made my surgeon smile.  I highly recommend G2 Sports and Physical Therapy.  They really made a difference for me.” – Leon F
  2. “5 Stars!” –Mandy A.
  3. “Wonderful and friendly staff, helped me through my recovery. PT and exercise technicians cared about me and set an exercise plan to help me go through my condition. I would say that not only having people care about you but also the amicability and kindness of the staff has made me physically better, and much happier. Kudos to the team there, super recommended.” – Ramon S.
  4.  “I started using G2 a couple of years ago with both my teenage boys who are high school athletes.  Most recently I started using G2 last October to rehab a double hip replacement.  As a former collegiate athlete that has worked with many trainers and PT’s over the years, I can confidently tell you G2 has a fantastic facility and the BEST physical therapists.  Their customer service and knowledge is second to none. One thing that really stands out to me is how well their PT’s work together as a team.  If for some reason you need to see a different person other than your regular PT, it is a seamless transition.  All the PT’s know what’s going on with every client.  They care, listen and pay attention to all clients.  It makes it very convenient for scheduling purposes.  Thank you G2.  I would give you more stars if I could.  You are the BEST!!!!!!” – Laurie W.
  5. ” The fabulous therapists and exercise tech’s at G2 have helped me recover from two different injuries. They are always caring and respectful, and definitely know their stuff.  The staff is always friendly. Even the tech’s that aren’t working with me will stop and chat, ask me how I am doing, etc. I highly recommend G2 if you have any physical therapy needs.” – Patty S.
  6. “I came here after rotator cuff surgery and I couldn’t have been more pleased. All of the therapists were terrific! They really know their stuff and are so friendly. Believe it or not, they made physical therapy fun.” –Justin U.
  7. “I would not hesitate to recommend G2 Sports and Physical Therapy. My recommendation is based on the comprehensive physical evaluation, the convenient location, the skill and patience of the therapists, and responsive and friendly support staff.” – Chelsea Z.
  8. “G2 Sports & Physical Therapy is wonderful! I previously went to a different physical therapy clinic when I injured my back and didn’t receive the one-on-one treatment I needed. I noticed I wasn’t getting better even after a month of treatment (which I was often seen by different aides) so I decided to change the PT. After doing some research I found G2 Sports & Physical Therapy and I’m so glad that I decided to switch because Harmony is truly awesome! She’s kind, knowledgeable, and took the time to listen to what I needed to say and customized my treatment accordingly. For the first time in a long time, I’m pain free. All the staff is awesome and I can’t recommend them enough.” – Susan T.
  9. “They made me feel like an individual, never rushing the session and always listening to my feedback.” – Mason J.
  10. “I’ve been suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis for a few years now so I immediately saw improvement in range of motion, developing core strength and maintaining flexibility through physical therapy. Harmony and the G2 Sports and Physical Therapy staff made each of my visits very easy and pleasant. Having gone through several surgeries, I’ve seen the immediate positive results of physical therapy and I highly recommend G2 Sports and Physical Therapy.” – Sam Z.